Coast Ranges of Western

North America 


Mimulus lewisii

Castilleja sp.

Viola adunca

Fritillaria lanceolata

Penstemon fruticosus

Lilium columbianum

Claytonia lanceolata

Penstemon davidsonii var menziesii

Erythronium grandiflorum

Phlox diffusa

Ribes sanguineum

Rhododendron macrophyllum

The western coast of North America is defined by coastal ranges of mountains running from California to Alaska and the Yukon.  The coastal mountains are comprised of the Olympic, Cascade, Shulap and numerous other mountain ranges; some large ranges like the Cascades, others medium-sized like the Olympic Mountains and others quite small like the Shulap Mountains.  Of these mountains, the Cascade Range stretches about 1200 kilometers from northern California, to southern British Columbia.  It runs more or less parallel to the Pacific coast about 150 to 250 Km inland. The western slopes of this range are subject to high snow loads in the winter and comparatively wet summers.  These mountains shield the interior regions inland to the Rocky Mountains from the prevailing weather of the Pacific Ocean and give rise to the dry belt areas of British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.

Throughout the coast ranges of mountains a diverse geological history that encompassed mountain uplift, volcanism, and glacial advances and recessions provided evolutionary selection forces that acted on floras originating from the south, the west (amphipacific), the north (circumpolar), and the east.  These forces gave rise to the floristic diversity that is found now.



  BRITISH COLUMBIA, Mount Arrowsmith, Lewisia columbiana var rupicola

  BRITISH COLUMBIA, Peak 5040, Lupinus nootkatensis

  BRITISH COLUMBIA, Slim Creek hike, Erigeron species


   BRITISH COLUMBIA, Mount Frosty hike, Lewisia tweedyi

   BRITISH COLUMBIA, Ashnola Hills hike, Rhododendron albiflorum

   BRITISH COLUMBIA, Three Brothers hike, Anemone occidentalis

   OREGON, Mount Bachelor hike, Hulsea nana

  OREGON, Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, Anemone deltoidea

   WASHINGTON, Skyline Divide-Chowder Ridge, Eriogonum umbellatum

   WASHINGTON, Iron Peak, Douglasia nivalis

  WASHINGTON, Patterson Mountain, Lewisia rediviva

   CALIFORNIA, Kings Creek

   CALIFORNIA, Mount Harkness


   OREGON, Whetstone Butte hike, Lewisia cotyledon