Eriogonum umbellatum  


Eriogonum is a widespread genus in Western North America and is relatively common in the alpine zone.  Eriogonum umbellatum typically occurs in dry areas and is a matted shrub, with short erect flowering stems.  The leaves are generally elliptical and the underside of the leaf is covered with white wooly hair. The flowers are usually cream coloured or yellow, densely clustered in ball-shaped umbels. According to Taylor and Douglas (1978) it seldom occurs on the west side of the North Cascades.

An unusual red-flowered form of Eriogonum umbellatum is found on the rocky crest of Skyline Divide. It can be found at about 1900 m (6200 feet) at the start of the “Krummholz Ridge” just before entering the stunted windswept trees.