Mountains of the Great Basin  


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The Great Basin of Western North America lies between the Columbia River Basin to the north and the Colorado River Basin to the south.  The Great Basin has no drainage outlet and is a vast desert interspersed with shrinking wetlands and mountain ranges.  The mountains include sedimentary rock formations and have higher precipitation than the surrounding deserts and are home to a wide variety of flora.  The most well-known mountain ranges for alpine plants are the Ruby Mountains and the Snake Range (Great Basin National Park) in Nevada and Steens Mountain in Oregon.

  NEVADA, Bristlecone Glacier hike , Polemonium viscosum

  NEVADA, Bald Mountain hike, Aquilegia caerulea

  NEVADA, Smith Lake hike, Phacelia sericea

  NEVADA, Liberty Pass hike, Primula parryi 

  NEVADA, Island Lake hike, Vaccinum caespitosum

  NEVADA, Wheeler Peak, Fritillaria atropurpurea

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