Cypripedium species


Certainly the Lady’s Slippers rank amongst the favorites in the orchid family.  Two, perhaps three, species are found along the Dempster highway.  Of these, Cypripedium passerinum (shown on the right) is a wide-ranging species located through boreal North America.  Throughout most of its range the pouch of its flower is pure white with purple spots decorating the inner surface.  In this northern region, in about 1 in 15 plants, the outer surface of the pouch has purple markings.  A favoured location for this plant is under deciduous trees where it is commonly found along the southern half of the Dempster corridor.  It is of virtually no use looking for Cypripedium guttatum (shown on the left) in other than rather open locations with a limestone base.  In these favourite haunts, it can form quite large stands.  Its purple and white pouch with a pure white hood make this one of the more spectacular of the cypripediums.  A third cypripedium to be looked for in this area is the bright yellow Cypripedium calceolus ssp. parviflorum (centre)which should grow in this region.

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