Anemone narcissiflora


Anemone narcissiflora is a tall plant of rocky meadows found in Europe, Turkey, Russia, Japan and Alaska. We have seen it in the Alps most often as isolated plants.  In the valley of the Riu de la Serrara in Andorra it occurs in huge drifts interspersed with yellow Pulsatilla alpina ssp. apiifolia and red Rhododendron ferrugineum which is a beautiful sight.

Anemone narcissiflora has attracive palmately lobed foliage and umbels of 3 to 8 pure white flowers.   According to Jermyn, 2005 it is easily raised from seed but can take up to three years to flower thereafter.

Reference:  Jermyn, Jim, 2005.  Alpine Plants of Europe, Timber Press


The feature plant was abundant at 2100 to 2300 m in the valley of the Riu de la Serrera.