Ranunculus parnassifolius


With its huge pink-tinged flowers and exquisite foliage, Margaret and Henry Taylor describe the Nuria form of Ranunculus parnassifolius  as one of the world’s most attractive mountain flowers. We have seen this species at other locations in the Pyrenees but it has never achieved the glory of the Nuria form.  It can be grown in the garden but it usually has only small white flowers.  It can be found in the mountains around Nuria above about 2400 m and is quite widespread on the ridges and scree slopes above 2700 m. It appears to prefer moist screes that are fine grained on open slopes. While the flowers and leaves often rest on coarse blocky scree, the roots are likely in moist fine scree at depth.


The feature plant was widespread in the Nuria mountains above 2700 m.