Saxifraga longifolia


Saxifraga longifolia known as Corona de rey (King’s crown) in Spain, is endemic to the Pyrenees, the mountains of eastern Spain and the Atlas Mountains of north Africa. The plant is relatively common in the Pyrenees on steep limestone cliffs often beside the road in limestone canyons.  It has quite a large elevation range from about 700 m to 2400 m.  When the plant is in flower at the higher elevations it has already gone to seed in the lower limestone canyons.

Saxifraga longifolia is monocarpic and once it flowers after about 5 to 7 years the plant sets copious seed and then dies.  It is relatively easy to grow from seed and only requires good drainage to prosper in the rock garden.  We found some specimens with multiple rosettes that are probably hybrids with Saxifraga paniculata. See below.


The feature plant was found on a weathered limestone rock outcrop at about 2200 m