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Contributed by David Sellars


Country: France
Location: Cottian Alps
Round trip: 7 km
Start elevation: 1790 
Final Elevation: 2300 m
Map: Map IGN 1:25,000 Mont Viso 3637 OT


From Guillestre drive NE on D947 through Aiguille.  There is a good parking lot at the end of the road just past l’Echalp.


Saxifraga valdensis

Primula farinosa

Viola calcarea

Gymnadenia rhellicani

Anemone baldensis

Androsace obtusifolia

Gentiana verna

Pinguicula alpina

Silene acaulis

Vitaliana primuliflora

Petrocallis pyrenaica

Campanula alpestris

Valley of the Guil Torrent.jpg
Gymnadenia rhellicani .jpg
Primula marginata.jpg

This hike is within the beautiful and unspoilt Parc Naturel Regional du Queyras.  In addition to the 1:25,000 map it is worth having the 1:60,000 Libris Edition map #06 of the park which has excellent cartography.


The path ascends to the east up an open field and then climbs through a larch forest.  A small rock step over  the Crete de Praroussin leads to an open valley and an easy climb up to the Col Lacroix.

Flowers in the valley include Primula farinosa and Pinguicula alpina.  A large flowered form of Silene acaulis is quite common.  On a long cliff (just above the col to the NW) are a number of fine plants including the rare Saxifraga valdensis which is endemic to this area of the Alps.  On the other side of the col a steep path leads up to some meadows and cliffs where we found Androsace obtusifolia, Gymnadenia rhellicani and Anemone baldensis.


Some excellent photos and information can be found at these links:

Photos taken June 26, 2011

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