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Contributed by David Sellars


Country: United States
Location: Winthrop, Washington
Round trip: 6km
Start elevation: 730m

Final Elevation: 1,070m
Maps: Green Trails #83S
Sun Mountain


From Winthrop take SR20 south and turn right on Twin Lakes Road and then left onto Patterson Lake Road.  Park on the left just pass the boat ramp and the trailhead is on the right.   


Lewisia rediviva

Calochortus lyalii

Penstemon pruinosus

Allium acuminatum

Ipomopsis aggregata

Dodecatheon conjugens

Delphinium nuttallii

Hydrophyllum capitatum

Eriogonum sp.


This is a nice early season hike with excellent flowers. Head up the hill through a gate in the fence and take the path to the left that climbs up Patterson Mountain on the east side.  Calochortus lyalii and Penstemon procerus are common on this stretch.  Where the trail crosses the north ridge of the mountain there is a junction and head due south on a trail to the summit.  The display of Lewisia rediviva is extraordinary on the ridge. On the return turn left at the junction to the west and loop back to the gate.

Patterson Mountain is a short hike and it is worthwhile taking the walk around Beaver Lake just to the northwest of Patterson Lake. A useful trail map can be obtained for free in Winthrop. Cypripedium montanum and Lilium columbianum can be easily found in the woods by the trail.  The largest clumps of Cypripedium montanum occur where the trail crosses a creek at the west end of the lake.

The photos were taken on June 1, 2013  and 2016

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