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Contributed by Alan Tracey & Paul Krystof


Country: Canada
Location: Chilcotin Region near Gold Bridge, BC
Round trip: 40km to campsite
Start elevation: 1,590m

Final Elevation: 2000m
Maps: Natural Resources Canada topographical maps 92 J/14. 92 J/15, 92 o/3; Backroad Mapbook, Vol. 1


From Vancouver, north through Whistler and Pemberton then Hurley Pass to Goldbridge. From Goldbridge, around east end of Gun Lake to Slim Creek logging road. Trail follows on from end of Slim Creek road. See map below right.


Crepis nana

Epilobium latifolium

Saxifraga lyallii

Saxifraga tolmiei

Kalmia polifolia

Senecio fremontii v. fremontii

Mimulus lewisii

Mimulus tilingii

Pedicularis ornithorhyncha

Phacelia sericea

Solidago multiradiata

Silene acaulis

Gentiana glauca

Pinquicula vulgaris

Erigeron species

Ranunculus species

Draba species

Leckie Lake.png
Epilobium latifolium.png
Mimulus tilingii.png
Slim Creek.png

This is a wilderness trek that is recommended for five or more days.  The hike follows closely along Slim Creek (see map), starting out in a fairly wooded area but climbing slowly all the way to the headwaters of the creek where there is camping space in abundance. At the small creek draining Leckie Lakes, a trail branches north and climbs steeply to the lakes and Wolverine Pass, an area worth the visit if time is available. Views of the Dickson Range of mountains and the Sorcerer Glacier riding atop them are spectacular from the lakes area.  An overnight camp near this trail junction should be planned for as the hike to the Slim Creek headwaters of about 20 km from the trailhead will be too long for many backpackers.

One can not miss the beautiful fireweed known as the River Queen, Epilobium latifolium found on sandbars along Slim Creek. In boggy areas, one hardly needs to look for the butterwort, Pinguicula vulgaris, since in some locations you can do nothing other than walk on it.

Also, on the walk in, look for Saxifraga lyallii along the banks of rivulets and the Lady's Tresses orchid, Spiranthes romanzoffiana beside the trail in the grassy areas. 

From the Slim Creek camp, day hikes can be made to either the Griswold Pass area or to the Sorcerer glacier.


The Sorcerer overlooks the upper Slim Creek valley and is quite close, but even so one can easily spend a full day exploring the rocky bluffs and ice margins of the lower reaches of the glacier. On the trip to the Griswold Pass, and the Glacier overlooking it to the west, you first pass the small lake at the head of Slim Creek, then head north along Nichols Creek which drains south but has its headwaters at the Griswold Pass, as does Griswold Creek which drains the opposite direction into a more northern watershed. Numerous species of flowers will be encountered in these two areas, some of which we have not seen elsewhere.

This is not a hike for inexperienced trekkers.  Appropriate equipment is mandatory. Note well, this is Grizzly bear country and proper precautions should be taken at all times. 


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