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Contributed by David Sellars


Country: United States
Location: Great Basin National Park,  Nevada
Round trip: 13 km
Start elevation: 3020 
Final Elevation: 3982 m
Maps: :  Earthwalk Press Hiking Map and Guide- Great Basin National Park



From Visitor Center at Baker, follow park entrance road and Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive to trailhead near campsite or Summit trailhead.  Approximately 16 miles, paved.


Sedum lanceolatum

Castilleja nana

Phacelia sericea

Aquilegia caerulea

Dodecatheon jeffreyi

Lewisia pygmaea

Fritillaria atropurpurea

Ranunculus adoneus

Phlox pulvinata

Primula parryi

Silene acaulis

Potentilla ovina

Polemonium viscosum

Erigeron compositus

Wheeler Peak.jpg
Fritillaria atropurpurea.JPG.jpeg
Polemonium viscosum and Bald Mountain.jpeg

Wheeler Peak is the highest mountain in Nevada wholly within the state and there is a good trail to the summit.  The best route is from the campsite though the normal route starts slightly higher at a parking lot on the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive.  From the campsite, take the start of the Bristlecone Glacier Hike, cross the stream with Dodecatheon jeffreyi growing on the banks and turn right after about 150 m onto the Alpine Lakes Loop.  The trail recrosses the stream with more Dodecatheon and eventually joins the upper path just before Stella Lake.  Turning sharp right the trail heads through open areas in the forest and gains the ridge between Bald Mountain and Wheeler Peak. In open areas you will find Lewisia pygmaea with white flowers and Fritillaria atropurpurea.

The trail zigzags up the ridge towards Wheeler Peak on open rocky slopes with Polemonium viscosum, Ranunculus adoneus and Phlox pulvinata.  Higher up Silene acaulis and interesting Potentilla ovina. with small hairy leaves grows among the rocks.  The rocky ridge ahead is steep but the trail is easy.  Among the large talus blocks, Primula parryi grows in abundance at about 3600 m.

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White, Mike. 2006.   50 Classic Hikes in Nevada.  University of Nevada Press.

The photos were taken on June 27, 2008

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