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Contributed by David Sellars


Country: Spain
Location: Val de Nuria
Round trip: km
Start elevation: 1967 
Final Elevation: 2620 m
Maps:  1:50,000 Vall de Camprodon, Vall de Ribes Editorial Alpina


Cremallera de Nuria, a rack railway, runs from Ribes de Fraser to the Santuari de Nuria.  The railway can be accessed at the Queralbs station where there is a good parking lot.  It is not recommended to purchase the additional chairlift ticket as it does not provide useful access.


Adonis pyrenaica

Daphne cneorum

Saxifraga pubescens

Saxifraga media

Saxifraga oppositifolia

Viloa diversifolia

Sempervivum montanum

Gentiana pyrenaica

Gentiana verna

Gentiana alpina

Ranunculus pyrenaeus

Linaria alpina

Primula integrifolia

Primula latifolia

Androsace laggeri

Androsace villosa

Androsace vandelii

Gentiana alpina

Soldanella alpina

Silene acaulis

Pinguicula grandiflora

Viola diversifolia.jpeg
Gentiana alpina.jpeg
Androsace vandellii.jpeg
Daphne cneorum.jpeg

This is a fine hike with areas of limestone habitat and a great variety of flowers.  From the Santuary in Val de Nuria, head west on the track towards Puigmal and climb steeply though a wooded area. Crossing a small saddle you reach the valley draining Coma de l’Embrut.  This part of the valley is a small limestone canyon and is normally dry as the stream disappears into a swallow hole about 0.5 km above.  It is worth walking up the base of the dry canyon where there is a superb range of flora including Adonis pyrenaica, Daphne cneorum, Saxifraga pubescens,  Saxifraga media and Androsace villosa. 


Above the limestone area, the underlying geology is acidic and Primula latifolia and Primula integrifolia can be found.  In the grassy meadows to the right are Gentiana pyrenaica and Gentiana alpina. Turning away from the Puigmal track head north across the meadows towards l’Estanyola and a series of small cliffs.  In the screes are wonderful Viola diversifolia and Androsace vandellii grows under the overhangs.

For the energetic, the reference below recommends heading up to the col north of Puigmal and then up Pic de Segre. On the return one can follow the valley down below the limestone canyon to join the main valley below.


This area can also  be accessed from France via the road from Err to the parking lot at 2000 m which was built for the Err-Puigmal ski area.  The border ridge can be gained near the summit of Puigmal de Llo at 2801 m.  Viola diversifolia can be seen on the ascent and superb Androsace laggeri and Ranunculus parnassifolius are on the ridge.

VIDEO of Flora of Nuria is  HERE

Mountain Flower Walks:  The Pyrenees and Picos de Europa by Margaret and Henry Taylor.  Alpine Garden Society.

The photos were taken on June 25, 2015 

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