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Contributed by David Sellars


Country: Andorra
Location: Valde Sorteny
Round trip: 18 km
Start elevation: 1880 m

Final Elevation: 2912 m
Maps:  1:40,000 Andorra, Editorial Alpina


Drive up the Sorteny Road from El Serrat. The Sorteny car park is at 1780 m but before 10.00 am you can drive up a gravel road to Portell de Sorteny.


Dactyloriza fuchsii

Dactyloriza majalis

Myosotis alpestris

Pinguicula grandiflora

Asphodelus albus

Anemone narcissiflora

Gentiana pyrenaica

Gentiana verna

Pulsatilla alpina spp. apiifolia

Rhododendron ferrugineum

Narcissus poeticus

Nigritella nigra

Ranunculus pyrenaeus

Linaria alpina

Saxifraga geranioides

Veronica nummularia

Primula integrifolia

Saxifraga exarata

Androsace laggeri

Gentiana alpina

Loiseleuria procumbens

Molopospermum peloponnesiacum

Pulsatilla alpina apiifolia.jpeg
Narcissus poeticus.jpeg
Trollius europaeus.jpeg

This hike starts in the Parc Natural de la Vall de Sorteny which was created as a conservation area for the spectacular alpine flora in the area.  The initial meadows are lush with Dactyloriza sp.,  Pinguicula grandiflora and  Asphodelus albus.  As you climb higher past pretty streams and light stands of pines, there are extensive drifts of Anemone narcissiflora and Pulsatilla alpina ssp. apiifolia and the pure white flowers of the anemone in combination with the yellow pulsatilla and red Rhododendron ferrugineum is an unforgettable sight. 

The path crosses over from the Riu de la Cebollera to the Riu de la Serrara.  This stream flows through a particularly beautiful valley above tree line with extensive meadows of flowers.  At about 2300 m Narcissus poeticus  can be found in the meadows together with the orchids Nigritella nigra and Dactyloriza fuchsii.

At about 2400 m the meadows become stony and drier and drifts of white Ranunculus pyrenaeus combine with gentians including Gentiana pyrenaica, Gentiana alpina and Gentiana verna.  Primula integifolia can also be found in this area. The path climbs up to the Collada dels Meners at 2724 m.  The main path then descends to Estany dels Meners de la Coma but turning left and climbing along the shattered shale crest, the broad south ridge of Pic de la Serrera can be gained.  A loose path ascends the scree to the summit.  Plants of interest at this high elevation include Saxifraga geranioides and Veronica nummularia, both Pyrenean endemics.  There are also very fine specimens of Linaria alpina without yellow blotches on the flowers as more commonly seen in the Alps

The photos were taken on June 27, 2007 

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